Who We Are

Cloud Ace Inc., located in the Philippines, has worked with companies of different sizes ranging from startups, small to medium sized companies as well as enterprises handling a variety of challenging requirements.

Cloud Ace Inc. follows global quality standards and best practices to create customized solutions to fit each client’s unique requirements.

Working hand in hand with clients, our primary goal is to deliver value to stakeholders, clients and end users. All these things contribute to our commitment to superior customer experience.

Our Mission

Build our work on Honesty. 

It is our mission with an unwavering pride that we are always aware of as we work to realize our vision; not just being honest, but “Honesty itself is our work and our service.

Our Vision

Empowering dreams through inclusive tech.

We aspire to build a world where every person in the world can achieve their ambitions through the use of advanced technology. Our vision is to create such a world and help those who want to achieve it.

Cloud Ace Inc. is recognized as a leading solutions provider and Google Cloud partner with a proven record of winning multiple Google awards worldwide.

Our Value and Culture

Qualities of Cloud Ace employees

Cloud Ace employees have a sense of unity because we value the core mindset. As employees get along well, we can create an environment where we can learn from each other and work hard to improve our skills.

We value freedom in the way we work; with a flextime system and the option of remote work, we can adapt to the new normal lifestyle.


Don’t lie to yourself. Be thoroughly honest with others and yourself, and be the authority on integrity.


Humility is a stretch. You don’t have to be in the center of the universe. We are not perfect. So keep improving.


All human beings are brothers. Treat people with gratitude and history, and appreciate the skills and humanity of others.


Trust is an expectation; trust is an achievement. Let’s trust people and gain trust from them as professionals.


Life is a challenge. Don’t be afraid of failure, think positively and never give up.


Time is limited; ingenuity is limitless. Let’s always look for the best way and act with speed.